God Works All Things for OUR Good!


Jersey Village, August 27, 2017

To All My Texas Friends,

Sitting here in Jersey Village,  we are boxed in with floodwaters, I want to encourage everyone that GOD works ALL THINGS for our good who are called according to His purpose! 

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,  for those who are called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28

I share this because I know THIS IS TRUE!  

In this lifetime, we are preparing to be sons of God!  


Many a folk in Houston might remember the winter freeze of December 1989. It was rumored that up to one-third the homes in Houston had their pipes freeze overnight. That’s an unusual phenomenon for Houston. The homes had been built without thought to protecting pipes. That has changed since then!

Anyway, because we had been away and because of the great demand, it took us three weeks to get a plumber over to fix the broken pipes. It seems now that somehow a ground wire had been attached to one of the pulled pipes, for three days after the broken pipes were replaced, we had a fire which started on the wall in the kitchen.

They say God works in mysterious ways. The night before the fire, I took our baby into bed with me. She had a fever and would be tossing and turning all night. I suggested to my husband that he might sleep better on the couch, considering Natalie would be restless.

Had not our baby been sick, things might have been worse. But since she was ill, Dad was on the couch. Since Dad was on the couch that night, being closer to the kitchen, he awoke in time to get us all out of danger.

We had recently installed a fire alarm, but it was not working due to the flood we had just experienced. Natalie being sick and Dad on the couch were blessings in disguise! God was watching over us!

As I stood outside, I watched as the flames leapt over the shackle roof. Strangely, I was not upset. I was thankful all my family was alive! And I was holding on to the promise of God. He would work this out for my good. How I did not know! But He gave me peace.

That year 1990 was not a cake-walk. It was probably the hardest year of my life. I had three small children and was homeless. Raising three children is demanding even with a stable home. We were far from stable for a year.


So how did God work all this out for my good? The biggest blessing was obviously we were alive and well! We had not a burn from the fire meant to kill!

The second blessing was my husband’s ties to the Buddhists were cut! Cults have a way of holding onto people. They keep one so busy with activities and duties that you haven’t much time for even family. My husband is an attorney which is demanding enough without having to go to Buddhist meetings all the time. He was spending more time with them than with us. The boys needed him.

The fire gave my husband an excuse to break with the Buddhist rigid schedules. He poured his energy into tearing down the burnt house himself, saving the money to build a second story onto it. Since he was so preoccupied, he stopped going to Buddhist meetings. Now he had more time with me and his children and did not miss out on their growing years. What a blessing! What an answer to my prayer!

The Buddhists had wanted him to go on a pilgrimage overseas. I didn’t want him to go. Had he gone, he would be absent at the time of the fire. Thinking about this, I brought it to his attention, sometime later. Had he gone overseas, he might have come home to no house, no wife, no children. Had he done what the Buddhists wanted, he could’ve ended up losing everything! We, on the other hand, would’ve gone to be with the LORD in eternity!

We were eating one day at a Chinese restaurant. The waitress was one of the Buddhists. She told me had I not stopped chanting, there might not have been a fire, implying that the chanting would’ve protected me. I told her that God had protected me and my family from death and for that I was grateful. Interestingly, her own home burnt down some time later. I guess chanting is not fire-insurance, after all!

What the devil meant for evil, God turned around and used for my good. We were all alive. I had more time with my husband. The children had more of their dad. He was free of the cult. And we had a bigger home with almost everything new!

The devil lost. My husband was no longer in his clutch. Thank you, LORD! I went through a flood, a fire, and a stressful year but I came out with victory for my family! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus Christ! There is great JOY in such victory!


My husband now is a committed Christian and a deacon at our church!


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