Sin Sent Back to Azazel

On the Day of Atonement, in the OT, sin and guilt were removed of sin from God’s people and placed on the back of a goat (scapegoat) and sent off into the desert to Azazel. This action symbolized the forgiveness of sin through God’s mercy.

LEV 16:8 (NKJV) Then Aaron shall cast lots for the two goats: one lot for the LORD and the other lot for the scapegoat.

Christ is our eternal High Priest. Also Christ is our scapegoat. And Christ became sin for us! The LORD is everything to the believer!

The High Priest of the OT, who represented the Messiah, would lay the sins of Israel symbolically on a goat who would carry them far away into the wilderness. This foreshadowed when Christ became sin for us.

2COR 5:21 For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

What great and wonderful love is this that Christ became sin!

However, this word “scapegoat” is mistranslated according to this academic source. The Hebrew word is “Azazel”.

Repeating, in another version this verse: LEV 16:8 (NRSV) and Aaron shall cast lots on the two goats, one lot for the LORD and the other lot for Azazel.

This second goat would be sent to Azazel. Who is Azazel? It is a goat-like devil, in other words, Satan himself. The LORD is returning the sins TO the initiator of the all sin, Satan!

NOTE: Fallen angels have spiritual bodies and are shape-shifters! They can change appearance, and could look like people. Fallen angels may appear as people who are dead. Or appear as “angels of light”. Or a fake Jesus. Or this phony “Mary” who causes confusion and teaches outright paganism!


(See NOTE at bottom on the Book of Enoch.)

In the Book of Enoch, Azazel is a watcher, a son of initially heaven, but he fell. Azazel is a fallen angel now and look at what this devil did:

ENOCH 7:2 And when the angels,[watchers] the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamoured of them, saying to each other, Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children.

7 Then they swore all together, and all bound themselves by mutual execrations. Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon [Mt. Harmon: “herem” meaning “curse”.]

10 Then they took wives, each choosing for himself; whom they began to approach, and with whom they cohabited; teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the dividing of roots and trees.
11 And the women conceiving brought forth giants,

This agrees with the account in Genesis 6.

13 When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them;
14 And began to injure birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, and to drink their blood.

8:1 Moreover Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.
2 Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.

10:12. All the earth has been corrupted by the effects of the teaching of Azazyel. To him therefore ascribe the whole crime.

Wow! No wonder that God returned the sin back to him! Azazel is the contriver of crime!


This is from the Jewish records. On the scapegoat, there would be tied a crimson thread that would turn miraculously white when the sin was forgiven by YHVH.

ISA 1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.”

Tradition tells us that this scapegoat would be led to a place of jagged rocks to ensure the death of the scapegoat. Tradition also says that the man who led this goat into the wilderness would likely die within the year. How would you like to be that man? Yet his rewards go with him into glory!


White dress is worn even today in Jewish Yom Kippur services, to “resemble holy angels” but it is more likely to resemble the white clothes of the Bride!

REV 19:8 And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

A really long prayer said on YOM KIPPUR is the “Amidah”. The shortened version is now well-known. It’s the “Our Father” prayer that was taught by Yeshua the Messiah!

Jewish tradition dictates that YOM KIPPUR decides one’s destiny for the next year. One can repent, turn back to the God, for the LORD is merciful.  However, when the Day of Atonement is gone, the heavenly gate is shut and the unrepentant are left outside. It is called the “closing of the gates” (“Neilah”).

Someday, there will be a final Yom Kippur before Christ’s Millennial Reign. The humble will experience God’s mercy but judgment will befall the unrepentant, those that have NOT received the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua the Messiah. At the “closing of the gates”, destinies will be sealed, but this time for more than a year. Destinies will be sealed for eternity! One could enjoy the blessings of the LORD’s Kingdom OR one could be cast into hell. It’s the choice of the century! Or of the Millennial!

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;

Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Psalm 51:7

NOTE: The Book of Enoch is mentioned in the Scriptures in the Book of Jude 1:14, though it is considered non-canonical. 

However, Jim Hamilton, a Professor of Biblical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary states that “All students of the Bible would do well to acquaint themselves with 1 Enoch, as it provides a fascinating look into the way that the OT was interpreted in the years before the birth of Jesus. Especially significant is what appears to be the book’s messianic interpretation of Daniel’s son of man.” 

In 1948, fragments of the this scroll were discovered in the Qumran cave #4.
This is a book for the endtimes and possibly that's why God left it out of the canon of Scripture: 

Enoch 1:1: ‘The words of the blessing with which Enoch blessed the righteous chosen who will be present on the day of tribulation, to remove all the enemies; and the righteous will be saved.’


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