JOY Revisited


“We will sing for JOY over Your victory.” 

Psalm 20:5  (pg 17)

I decided to revisit my book:  Joy is a Jewel.  I try to read it whenever I am getting down in the dumps!  

So, in these trying days of COVID-19, when everyone wants to get out of the box, it is a good time to do so!  We’ve been inside too long.  People have committed suicide due to this pandemic!  We need JOY!  

The purpose of Joy is a Jewel is to find JOY despite the circumstances.


Here are some quotes from my book:

From Chapter “Pure Joy”

“if you wait, God always brings forth the victory and we [Christians] all have victory in Christ!”  (pg16)

From Chapter “Joy & Happiness”

“Glorious things of you are spoken, O city of God.  Selah.”  Psalm 87:3  (pg25)

“Dying to self is, actually, for the Christian, living to God.” (pg46) based on Romans 6:11.

From Chapter “The #1 Joy Sapper”

“Unforgiveness.  What a joy sapper!…Unforgiveness is in the flesh and the unsubmitted [to God] parts of your soul.”  (pg48)

“Here is the remedy for unforgiveness … Choose to forgive … ”  (pg49)

“Repentance is a decision of your will.”  (pg50)

“We have a choice between the bondage of unforgiveness OR the freedom in forgiveness.”

From Chapter “A World Full of Joy”

“True liberty in Christ is freedom from sin, not a license to sin.”  (pg56)

From Chapter “The Joys of the Kingdom”

“Joy is a jewel.  It is  facet of the Kingdom of heaven, a facet that shimmers.  We ARE His jewels, made to sparkle in the Light of His glory and grace!”  (pg104)

An original song:

“Someday I’ll see

My King in all His beauty

Someday I’ll see

My King enthroned in majesty

Someday I’ll see

My wondrous Savior, King of glory

Someday I’ll see.  

Oh, glory be!  Oh, let it be.”    (pg115)

Full words to this song: “Someday I’ll See”

From Chapter “The Joy of Love”

“My point in this is that ‘joy’ or ‘chara’ [Greek] is ‘grace recognized.’ How often we do not recognize the grace we have!  The grace of the LORD in salvation is beyond measure!  If joy is  ‘grace recognized,’ then we Christians have joy a-plenty!  (pg209)

From Chapter “The Joy of Joys”

“If we are walking in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God can lift one up and make one to shine like Jesus!  Would we all become more like Him in love and kindness, in mercies and in grace, in discernment and in wisdom, and in holiness and in faithfulness!”   (pg219)

“This is the grand finale of human history: when human beings are transfigured, led by the Spirit of God, and rule and reign with the LORD Jesus Christ as its head… The zenith comes when the LORD will marry His Bride [the Church].”    (pg230)

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’” 

Revelation 22:17

Christ is my Joy of Joys!


Joy of Joys!

O Joy of Joys!  Your mercies new each morning

Make me to rise up from the cold, dark night

O warm my soul and fill my heart with longing

For You alone upon Your throne of light.


O Joy of Joys!   Such lilting joy and wonder

To see Thy majesty now fill this place.

O Joy of Joys!   The beauty and the splendor!

O Joy of Joys!   To know Thy glory, truth and grace!

VS 2

O You shall come at trumpet’s sound some morning.

Darkness retreats and all fall at Thy feet.

O Joy of Joys!   To now behold My Lord and King!

O Joy of Joys!   And rhapsody so sweet!

  © 2000 HIM/CAVenable  (pg8)

May be sung to the traditional “Londonderry Air” melody (“Danny Boy”)

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