Raising the Standard

Instead of “Raising Cains”, as I wrote in my previous post, let’s raise the moral standards at our schools.

It is time to admit that the social experiment with our children for the last fifty years since prayer was taken out of schools is a failure.   Let’s re-establish these once common practices in our public schools:

A time of Prayer reminding children that someday they will need to account for their actions to an all-knowing Creator.    Unaccountability breeds mischief.   This nation was conceived in prayer.  It is on its deathbed due to prayerless-ness.

Teaching the Ten Commandments as the foundation for American Law and a stable society. Should not our children be taught that it is WRONG to steal, lie and murder?   The law of lawlessness:  Lawless homes and lawless schools breed lawless children; lawless children grow up to lead lawless lives; lawless lives breed a lawless society; a lawless society breeds chaos.

Teaching the Golden Rule.  Should not our children be taught to treat one another kindly and with respect?  Bullying should not be tolerated in our schools.

Teaching Virtues.   Surely there can be no law against teaching about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.   (ref Gal 5:22-23)

Teaching Classical Music & Arts for all so that each child can be exposed to beauty.   While tastes do vary, we have allowed the degenerate ‘pop’ culture to hold sway over our misguided youth.   The harmonies of the great composers that soothe the soul have, in many cases, been replaced by  carnal beats and vulgar words that arouse lustful appetites and violence.

Encouraging co-operation between schools and churches.   For example, if a child is identified as having social problems, let local pastors connect with the family to see if they can help or counsel.

Throwing out the Trash Let’s purge the schools of books, videos and curricula that do not uphold morality.     Taxpayer monies should not be spent on materials destructive to society.

Punishing unruly children.    Suspensions are mini-vacations for the children.   Keeping them after school – that’s punishment!   Then have the parents come pick up their wayward ones up, explaining to them the infraction.   Perhaps that will motivate some parents to encourage discipline!

Teaching time-honored values.  Personal responsibility and good citizenship including the US Constitution and American history using original documents. Teaching practical life skills.   Good nutrition; simple economics and the value of work.

Smaller schools.    Bigger is not better.   Since no one is perfect, when you put larger groups together, you multiply problems.    A larger school is also a larger target for terrorists and nut cases.

Voucher programs enabling children to go to schools more suited for their talents and/or convictions.   Competition will encourage excellence.

Perhaps if we implement these practices quickly, we can help to spare the next generation some unnecessary tragedies, those tragedies that are the logical outcome of lawlessness.


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