Raising Cains


The tragedy of the Connecticut school shooting hangs heavy over a mournful nation this Christmas.   The talk is what can be done to avoid such tragedies in the future.   The answer is plain and simple.   We have been raising Cains, children who are ready to kill their brothers, while we should be raising children who are willing to lay down their lives for their brethren.  This is greater love.


Unfortunately, the lawless ones have persuaded a whole society that to teach such  prudent principles is politically incorrect.  Well, their social experiment has yielded its  rotten fruit in the wickedness we see rampant.  Along their lawless tramp, they threw out of our schools the very core principles on which the law of this land was written:  the Ten Commandments. And we let them.  Along their lawless tramp, they threw out of our schools the foundational book on which good societies are founded:  the Holy Scriptures.  And we let them.   Do we continue on this perilous path OR do we turn back to the time-honored path that yields a more peaceful community?


A lawless one cries: “separation of church and state”.  But  whereas no one “church” or denomination or religious institution should have control over the free people of this land, that does not imply that the Supreme Wisdom of the Word of God should not be heralded for hungry hearts to hear.


So the social experiment of the past fifty years has flunked and has nearly collapsed this nation.   Let us turn back repentantly to the time-honored ways.   Will we be so humble as to admit we’ve been wrong?  Will we be so bold as to lead the way back?   For the sake of the future of our children, our grandchildren, our nation, we must.


NOTE:  My alter ego, “Granny Vee” has written a story “Green Frog, Gold Heart” to teach children the Golden Rule, a lesson we need to teach our children to instill in them decency and kindness.  It is available online to read freely or the book may be purchased.



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