The Gore and the Glory

The world is in a quandary.
Truckers shutting down Australia in defense of their freedom.
The biggest highjack in America.
People in France eating on the sidewalks because of unreasonable mandates.
Protests over mandates all over the world.

(These things may be seen on

But is this the end? I think not. But we’re getting closer! And we are praying for this endtime revival!

The GORE and the GLORY in Afghanistan

Let me share how the LORD is using our prayers. Many Christians went to prayer over this Afghanistan tragedy. (Keep praying!) How has the LORD used our prayers?

“Reports are confirming the underground church in Afghanistan is growing at unprecedented rates since the Taliban takeover! One church has seen a 7 FOLD INCREASE in growth!” Sean Feucht, Evangelist. This may be part of this worldwide revival.

There are about 10,000 Christians not leaving in Afghanistan on purpose and visiting each home to preach the Gospel, even despite the dangers. Keep them in prayer, please, for about the next month to lead many people to the LORD. Amazing!

Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies It’s a shame that the State Department was uncooperative.

Samaritan Purse Ministries and Glenn Beck along with Kenneth Copeland aided in these rescues. These are patriotic and giving Americans.

This reminds me of the passage:

REV 12:14 But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle to fly from the presence of the serpent to her place in the wilderness, where she was nourished for a time, and times, and half a time.

Some people say that we are in the end of the END TIME. I think that this is satan’s ploy to move up the date, just as with World War II and satan’s antichrist at that moment – Hitler. God has His calendar and at that time the endtime will come! But saints should not be worried for we have eternal life!

However, this – the “two wings of a great eagle” – is a preview of what shall be during the end of the end time. And if anything is representative of the United States of America, it is the eagle! “We, the people” are the United States of America, not this current traitorous regime that hijacked our republic. These Americans, at peril to themselves, went at the cost of their own lives and fortune. May the LORD bless them!

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

John 15:13

JUST A REMINDER TO KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM UP: Vitamins C&D, Zinc, and get plenty of sunshine, even in winter. And let the SON shine in!


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