Esther’s Strategy for Spiritual Warfare


My daughter as Queen Esther when she was young.

This is a brief outline of principles gleaned from the Book of Esther on spiritual warfare.  (Also see a two-part series on Esther here.)

Some notes:

The “king”  represents (only in his good acts) God;  some scholars have noted that this is only when his name Ahasuerus, his carnal nature, is NOT mentioned.   Certainly, Ahasuerus did some despicable things including his request to Queen Vashti.

Mordecai represents the Holy Spirit of God prompting and leading;

Haman, of course, represents the spirit of anti-christ that wants to destroy the God’s chosen people.

The signet ring (Esther 8:2) represents the authority given by God to Christ, and Christ to His church. (Matt 28:18)

Esther, of course, represents for us the Bride of Christ!   The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard!   Those who have an intimate relationship with their LORD have the FAVOR of the LORD, and He gives us our petitions, up to half the kingdom!  (Esther 5:2-3)

Strategy for Spiritual Warfare:

1. Be called and submitted to God above even man’s laws (4:14-16)

2. Prepare spiritually through prayer and fasting (Esther 4:16)

3. Prepare through praise and worship by putting on “garments of praise”, our “royal robes”. (Esther 5:1-2;  Esther 7:1-2)

4. Be led by the Holy Spirit especially as to timing (3 days of Fasting & prayer, waiting in the inner court, 1st banquet, then 2nd banquet)

5. Use intercession; weeping; wailing; fasting (Esther 8:3)

6. Wait on the King’s word and permission (Esther 8:7-8)

7. Write the decree according to the leading of the Holy Spirit (Esther 8:8-9) “You yourselves write a decree…”   Queen Esther WITH Mordecai together i.e. the Bride of Christ WITH the Holy Spirit!

8. Proclaim the decree (Esther 8:10-14)  Perhaps this is where many Christians lose their victory because they do not proclaim aloud the Word of God!

9. Celebrate the victory beforehand!  (Esther 8:16-17)   Ah, that shows faith in God!

10. “The violent take it by force”   (Esther 9:1) (Matt 11:12)  Of course, this “violence” is in the spirit!  (Eph 6:10-18)  Act on the proclamation.

If you read the whole Book of Esther through, ask the Holy Spirit to show you these strategies and use you “for such a time as this”!

Another theme dominant in this book is that God’s righteous law of love ALWAYS trumps man’s frivolous and immoral laws.  Queen Vashti refused to do something lewd and immoral.  Her bravery lost her her position but paved the way for Queen Esther.  This was all in God’s plan.  Then Esther “broke” the law about going before the king uninvited IN ORDER TO OBEY God’s law of love in helping her people!  Consequently, the king gave them the right to write laws to supercede the immoral law that Haman had enacted.

“We must obey God rather than men.”

(Acts 5:29)

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