Look at the sky above the church in the artwork I did for Eastgate Ministries JUBILEE brochure this year. There is a horse in the clouds! This horse was not placed intentionally there but came out in the computerized rendering of the photograph. It reminds me of the Scripture:

“Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The One sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.” (Rev 19:11)

On January 10th of this year of Our LORD 2012, I saw a vision of a white horse breaking through the darkness. I knew the horse indicated “Perazim” or breakthrough. (1 Chr 14:11)

Pastor Carolyn Sissom has been speaking of the horse in Zechariah:

“And on that day there shall be inscribed on the bells of the horses, “Holy to the LORD.” (Zech 14:20)

A few weeks ago, (June 8th), my family watched the fairly recent movie “War Horse“. The war horse seemed to be almost supernaturally protected. But the war horse got entangled. How the war horse came to be released was through an act of extreme courage motivated by compassion!

On June 18th, we watched the movie “Secretariat”, the story of the Triple Crown winner. This amazing horse’s winning enabled the family not to lose their inheritance! “Secretariat” was one of the all-time great thoroughbreds, ranking second only to “Man o’ War”!

That same day, I received an email from Aglow, a Christian women’s ministry. Their regional conference this year is entitled “Arise, Warhorse!” The horse in their brochure artwork is similar to what I saw in the spirit in January, including the colors in the background.

Isn’t it wonderful how God is speaking the same thing to people in different places at the same time? He is, after all, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of God!

The War Horse Rides On!

On 6/26/12, Pastor Sissom referenced Isaiah 28:21 which also mentions “Perazim”. speaking on Revelation 6.

Today (6/27/12) I went to a senior community where I’ve been ministering regularly. As I approached the elevator, I noticed a cart sitting right by the door. No one was there but a silver object attracted my attention as it was reminiscent of the Ark of the Covenant. While I was studying it, a lady whom I had never met before, walked up to me and asked me if I wanted the pretty object. These were things that had belonged to her recently deceased husband and she was giving them away. I thanked her and then she pulled out something else. I gasped! It was a glass horse. She pulled out another one. She asked me if I wanted this pair of beautiful horse sculptures, too. Oh, yes! I thanked her excitedly and told her how I knew this was a special gift from the LORD to me in light of all He’s been showing me. Can you believe a perfect stranger giving me such a perfect gift?! It was definitely a God-thing! The LORD is so good to me!


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