Treasuries of Snow


(Date of photo 5-17-2012)

Have you entered the treasuries of the snow…?  

(Job 38:22)

When I read this years and years ago, I wondered about “the treasuries of snow”.  I prayed that I would see them someday.  Little did I know, that He had that planned!  As I was standing on the deck of the ship, the LORD “whispered” to me that this was His “treasury of snow”!  I was delighted and it brought tears to my eyes!

Praise God He brought me here in May, 2012!   What an absolutely beautiful world the LORD has created for us!  It fills me with JOY!  And think of what the new earth will be like!

This scene is from our Glacier Bay National Park.

“The earth is the LORD’s and the fulness thereof…”

(Psalm 24:1)



And while I was in Alaska, I donned my “Granny Vee” outfit and did puppets with the children in a local library.

And then again in December 2015, we were here in Chile, South America.  The sky was not as clear, but this too was a treasury of snow!  In the background, there is a glacier.



Praise God who makes the treasuries of snow!




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