He Will Give You…


How our Father loves to bestow good gifts on His children!  (Matt 7:11; James 1:17)  Psalm 37 is a psalm of inheritance.  Notice how many times the word “inheritance” (or a root) is mentioned.  This Psalm ties in with one of my other favorite Scriptures that promises us that for His chosen, God “works all things together for our good.”  Romans 8:28

All in all, that means that the God of all the universe is looking out for us!  He knows exactly what we need, when we need it, how we need it.  He knows better than ourselves!  That’s why we He admonishes us to “Rest in YHWH, and wait patiently for Him”!  Yes, rest assured!

Therefore, delight yourself in the LORD!   Yes, He will give you the desire of your heart!

I have often pondered does that mean He will give you what you think you want when you think you need it, OR does Father know best our deepest heart’s desire?    OR does it mean that our Father actually places righteous desires in our hearts when we delight in Him?  OR does it mean both?!!!

Longevity gives us perspective.  I can look back over my life and see how my Father has orchestrated things.  Some things that I wanted ‘NOW’ were actually best at His ‘later’ date!  I still have things that I’m waiting for, but may God grant me the grace to just “rest” in Him, knowing He shall bring it to pass for His glory!

2 responses to “He Will Give You…

  1. Psalm 37 is one of my favorites. And also, just for the record, psalm 73…so good. I think when we delight in Him, God does give us righteous desires. But, more than that, HE becomes our greatest desire. And that is a desire He will gladly fulfill!


  2. I went to read Ps 73 and tears welled in my eyes as I read Ps 73:25. “Whom have I in heaven but You?” And do you know which Psalm is in the middle of these two? Psalm 55 (double grace and the year of my birth) His promise in Verse 22: “He shall never permit the righteous to be shaken.” We live in times of great shaking but He promises to sustain us! He is faithful!


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