The Hebrew “Chai” means “Life”.


“For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.”  Psalm 36:9

“God is Light.”  (1 John 1:5; John 8:12)  God is True Light, not the light coming from your lightbulb.  But God made physical light and we can learn things about God from studying physical light.  Just as we can learn things about people by observing the things they write and create, we can learn things about God from studying His Word and His creation.

Here are some more verses from the Book of John about Jesus Christ, whose name is Yeshua in Hebrew meaning “I AM Salvation”:

“In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.”  (John 1:4)

Jesus is “the True Light, who gives light to everyone…”   (John 1:9)


So what can we learn about the True Light from His creation of physical light?    What is physical light?  Scientists have been trying to figure that out for years just as theologians (people who study God) have been trying to understand God, the True Light, for many years!

Physical light is very hard to describe and understand.  Scientists say now that light is  both a “wave” (like sound waves or radio waves) and a “particle” (a tiny bit of matter) and also something mysterious that “cannot be fully imagined”! *   If the smartest scientists cannot fully understand physical light, is it any wonder that we have a difficult time understanding God who is the True Light?

But you can see that scientists think that light, which is ONE thing, actually acts as three things all at the same time: 

wave, particle and an unknown something.   

In the same way, YHWH God is ONE God and yet:  

Father, Son and Spirit!

(Possibly the Father would equate in this example with the “unknown something”; the Holy Spirit with “the wave”; and the Son with “the particle”. Just speculating!)   


Did you know that physical light has parts that are NOT visible to the human eye? We can only see part of what light really and wholly is.   This part we see is called “visible light”.

Likewise, Yeshua, the Son of God, is the part of God, that we can see!   He is the visible part when He chooses to be seen!  Yeshua walked on the earth amongst men for a while two thousand years ago, and appeared throughout the Bible to some people, and sometimes people see Him spiritually in visions and dreams.   Today many people in places where they will not allow Christian missionaries are having visions of Christ in the spirit! **   Someday, Yeshua  the Messiah will return and the Bible says that “every eye will see Him”!   (Revelation 1:7)   

Yes, Yeshua, Jesus Christ is “the image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15)

Yeshua is the visible part of God, but there’s still the big, vast invisible part! This helps to explain why Yeshua said, “the Father is greater than I”.  (John 14:28) The Greek word for “greater” is “megas”.  Something bigger is “mega”.  The vastness of light is bigger than the smaller part we can actually see.  YHWH God is bigger than what we can see of Him.  He’s more than the appearance of the Son.   Yet Yeshua is still FULLY GOD!  He’s all True Light!

Visible light is still light and is ONE with the rest of light, not separate.  Visible or invisible, light is light!  It’s all the same thing or substance.    Likewise,  the Son of God IS God and is also ONE with God.  

“…and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”   Yeshua is both with God and God!

Yeshua said,  “I and my Father are one”.  (John 10:30). 

Ask the Holy Spirit of God to lead you into all Truth and to help you to understand and believe more and more each day!    We come to know God better as we spend time with Him, reading His Word and singing His praise and talking with Him in prayer!  

Yeshua is the Resurrection and the Life and the True Light of the world!

“For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.”  Psalm 36:9

Therefore, we should “walk as children of light.”  Ephesians 5:8

NOTES:   (See Quantum Theory section)

CREDIT:  I want to give credit to my son Richard.  When he was in high school, he explained to his friend the triune nature of God with one sentence!  He used the illustration of light being both wave and particle.   I was amazed!  His friend instantly seemed to understand this explanation!

Portions from my book, “JOY is a JEWEL”

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