Up, We Will All Arise!

These lyrics match the tune “Up from the Grave He Arose!”, a traditional Resurrection song. Of course, Christ is the Firstfruits. (1 COR 15:20-23) We’re going soon!

Verse 1

Low on the earth, we pray

Come, Jesus Our Savior!

Waiting the coming Day

Of Jesus Our LORD!


Up we will all arise

To meet Our Savior in the skies (1 Thes 4:17)

He comes to free us from the dark domain

Christ is King forever! With His saints, He reigns!

Saints, arise! Saints, arise!

HalleluYAH! Saints arise!

Verse 2

Lo! He does come again!

Jesus Our Savior!

And every knee will bend

To Jesus Our Lord!

Verse 3

Lo! He is robed in white

Jesus Our Savior!

Oh, what a glorious sight!

Jesus Our Lord!

Verse 4

Low, hell is trampled down

By Jesus Our Savior!

Death and hades firmly bound (Rev 20:14)

By Jesus Our Lord!

(c) 2012 HIM/CAVenable 11/25/12